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The Mighty Vic Falls in Zimbabwe. The scene of a commercial that I was rigging on. We built a Tyrolean traverse above the left waterfall.


An exhilarating location, right above the 80meter waterfall.


Look closely and you will see 2 riggers suspended above the raging mass of water.


The Athol cooling towers in Cape Town. Here we built a suspension bridge across the top of the cooling tower. pic by Dermot Brogan


Busy setting up the anchor points. pic by Dermot Brogan


Looking up the centre of the cooling tower with the suspension bridge in place. pic by Dermot Brogan.


Voitec testing on the suspension Bridge. Pic by Dermot Brogan.

Alard as Spiderman. Pic by Andy Kats


The Epupa falls on the Kunene river which forms the boarder between Namibia and Angola. We built a cable way across these falls.

Suspended above the Epupa Falls.

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