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Here Mark is sitting under a tree at the base of the 650m high Dos Amigos face of the Rebawe Mountain.  This was during the 1998 trip to Northern Mozambique, in a 1979 1.3l Ford Escort, named Mozy.  Many adjustments had to be done to Mozy so that she would handle the bad roads in Mozambique.

In 1998 Mark and Alard attempted this face, they managed to get one third of the way up before retreating due to a large blank section of rock and waning energy. In July 2000, they returned and finished the route: "Delayed Gratification" 22 A1+ on the "Dos Amigos" Face on the Rebawe Mountain. 

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more info on the climb Delayed Gratification

Below:  Alard with the local chief and his assistant.  To be able to climb a rock face one needs to get permission from the local Chief and Administrator. Registering at the local police station is also needed.



Alard nearing the summit of the "Dos Amigos" face on the Rebawe Mountain



Alard and Mark eating chocolate after reaching the top of their new route "Delayed Gratification"



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