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There are three prominent Granite domes in the Mlema range, Mlema1 is the pointy one on the right, the prominent face of Mlema3 is on the east side of the left dome . 



The east face of Mlema 3, the most prominent rock face in the area, is capped in clouds, which hide Mlema 1 and 2



In July 2000 Mark and Alard successfully opened a new route up the 700m East Face: "African Light" 22 A1(U.S. 5.10b). They spent 4 days opening the 14 pitch route. The upper section of the climb has a lot of great face climbing.  Numerous bolts were placed on lead to secure areas with poor or little gear protection .

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more info on the climb African Light

Who did the second ascent of African Light? Read here.

The impressive east face of Mlema3.



Mark asking "what the hell do we need all of this for?", half way up "African Light"


Breathtaking sunrises form the Portaledge 400m up "African Light"


Mark and Alard after they successfully opened "African Light"



In 1998 Mark and Alard opened "The whites must be crazy" 20 on Mlema1

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