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The climbing in Mozambique is still in its early stages.  Not much has been developed and there is lots of potential for high adventure African climbing. 

The climbing is on granite domes.  The on-angle slopes of the domes are vegetated with grass; the steeper vertical faces are cleaner, but far from Yosemite style clean!!!!!! 

For general info on Mozambique look left, for information on the climbing areas chose below: 

Mlema Rebaue Liopu Merupie

Mlema 3 one of the biggest walls in the area at 700 meters.

 Here Alard is explaining to a local Mozambiquean the route he and Mark climbed, up the 700m high east face of Mlema 3.


Fillip Silhan high up on African Light, doing the second ascent. Unfortunately Fillip has passed away since this picture was taken in August 2000. He died on January 14. 2001 whilst skiing in the Austrian Alps. He fell 50m into a crevasse and died instantly. One of his finest achievements was a new line up the Central Tower of Paine in Patagonia. He will be missed in the climbing community! 


Unclimbed Granite domes in the distance. In 1998 Mark and Alard did not have a 4X4 vehicle, so they just stayed on the main roads, and were thus unable to go and explore these domes.


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